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Geany - A fast IDE using GTK2
8/28/2007 at 3:08 p.m. (8 years, 1 month ago)

Today I woke up and SciTE wasn't cutting it for me anymore. I write PHP at work, and Python at home, and I need an IDE that will work for both since I hate switching editors. First, I ruled out emacs and xemacs because they lack any visual appeal whatsoever. JD is probably rolling his eyes at me right now. Zend Studio, which my employer licenses, is only good for PHP and smells like Elf Puke (™ Alex Balashov) thanks to the Java. Eclipse is kind of clunky and slow. I used Komodo for awhile, and it was my favorite of the heavyweight editors, but it still wasn't quite perfect, and for $300 out of my pocket it had better be.

So I decided to rifle through the Ubuntu package manager and try every general purpose IDE/Editor rated over 2 stars in popularity. Finally, I came across this gem called Geany. It has every feature I was looking for in an IDE except for two one, which is code completion and source control integration.

*Geany DOES have code completion and it works very well.

Geany has the following features:

  • VERY fast GTK2 based editor
  • Supports syntax highlighting in a variety of languages, including PHP and Python
  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Session and window position support
  • Syntax checking
  • Did I mention that it is REALLY fast?

Best of all, the only thing I had to do to switch to a light-on-dark color scheme was change 1 character in the common config file (filetypes.common).

# only first argument is interpreted, sets whether all defined colours should be inverted

Wow. These Germans and their GTK based software are really something else.

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